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Where is your email address?


Before you send us an email, please read the “Frequently Asked Questions”. It could save precious time for you and for us.

If you still can´t find your answer or simply have ideas for improvement, please write us an email using the contact form.


Many Thanks

How do I get the entry-tickets and how much do they cost?


You can buy these on this site. The price depends on the location – every venue has a different price.


I am a new competitor; do I have to become a member?

No, you do not need to be a member to take part in one championship. If you liked it and are planning to participate in a further championship, then you have to become a member. There are no further charges if you decide not to continue with us.

As a non-member (in the first year), you must pay a 20% surcharge on your dances.


Where can I find the starting lists of the upcoming championship?


You can find all lists here on our official homepage.

If you do not find any starting lists, don´t worry, the list will be published soon. We ask for some patience. Starting lists can only be created after the registration-deadline. The exact start for each discipline is fixed after registration-deadline.


How can I become a member?


Members of the A.S.D.U International do not pay a 20% surcharge on their dances. In addition they are listed on our homepage. Being present on our homepage with your email address will promote you.


After having securely registered at the portal (, you can download the subscription form under “School data”. Please send this subscription form to and transfer the annual 90 Euro membership fee to the account indicated on the form. After receiving your signed subscription form as well as your fee, we will mark you as a member in our system. This can take up to three weeks.


Have you received the payment of my membership fee?


We ask you to be a bit patient. Checking the membership fees may take up to three weeks. You will receive an email as soon as the incoming payment has been verified.


Can I change my music after the registration deadline?

No, you can`t change your music file after registration deadline. The only way to exchange your music file after registration deadline is during the championship itself.


I would like to order more trophies


It is possible to order trophies? (Only while supplies last). Please contact the organiser of the championship.

How do I get pictures of the championship?


We have a photographer on site. If you are interested in buying some pictures please contact him/her on site. You can also contact us after the event to get his/her references.


My question remained unanswered


If your question has not been answered yet, please write us a message.