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Before entering a championship you have to register your dances in our registration portal. The registered dances must comply with our dancing rules. You can find prices in our registration portal or on our “cost transparency” page.

The championships usually last 3 to 4 days. The starting list and schedule are usually published one week before the championship. With this starting list you get a schedule of the championship with the needed information (This includes the order of the disciplines).



Let´s start…

At the hall entrance you will find a list with the information regarding dressing rooms. There, you will find the personal area allocated to you and your dancers.

We will be ready and waiting for you in the hall. We open every championship with a welcome speech and start directly with the first discipline.

There will always be two rounds (more information on the rounds and points)

Each country has its national championships. However, if a country does not have a national championship, dancers can start with a prequalification to the European Championship. This is a special round before the normal first and second round (final round). Thus, we can offer dancers the opportunity to qualify with us for the European Championship, even if they have not had the possibility to take part in a national championship.

We make an exception for all dance schools that qualified for the European championships in the previous year but did not join the championship. In this case, there is the possibility to qualify for the ECS during the prequalification.



After the danced rounds, the championship award ceremony begins.

The ceremony takes place immediately after the final round (second round).

Special certificates are awarded in addition to first, second and third place. There are at least 5 special certificates:

– The highest score of all disciplines in the Amateur and ProAm rating class

– Future Talent

– Best costume

– Best choreography

The special certificates are handed out after the first, second and third place certificates.