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This is not our main profession. The A.S.D.U.InternationaL is a non-profit association which organises championships for dancers throughout Europe every year. We are convinced that dancing is a wonderful sport and we want to promote it further. Dancing is not only physical education, dancing is art, dancing is showing emotions in motion… And holding events for dancers is a lot of fun.

That´s why we organise these championships every year.



1998 – The beginning

Everything starts somewhere. The Austrian Showdance Union International was founded by Rudolf Mlaker whose daughter is a dancer. He had the idea of connecting dance schools and dancers. Cohesion, challenges, fun dancing … to name a few of his reasons for founding this association.



2004 – For the first time …


we had more than 650 registered dances.



2012 – Change of President


In 2012, after 14 years of successful championships, Karin Csitkovics became the new president.


2016 – Our rating system


Evaluation sheets are a thing of the past, so we switched to a new digital system that is not only more efficient but also better for the environment.

Can you imagine how much A4 paper were used per championship?

Approximately 10.430 A4 sheets